nina zeilhofer

born in munich,
grew up in landshut

architecture studies at the fh münchen
training as color designer at the salzburg seminars of the iacc/bef
member of the bbk lower bavaria, augsburg-nord and swabia
federation of european color designers (bef), bavarian chamber of architects
lives and works as freelance architect , color designer and artist in augsburg

since 2015 studies under sati zech

to locate yourself in space,
bodily and sensuously, as antithesis to architecture and its “gravity:”
a utopia of desire and freedom

"Detail- Schutzhüllen" 2016

semi-truck inner tube, cotton, 150x50x20 cm , ca. 60x20x8

"Schutzhüllen I-IV" 2016

semi-truck inner tube, velvet, cotton, wire, 200x250x20 cm, ca. 80x100x8

"schutzkörper nr. 3", 2016

cotton fabric, velvet semi-truck inner tube, 40x40x40 cm ca. 16x16x16

"schutzkörper nr. 9", 2016

lead, cotton fabric, 25x25x25 cm ca. 10x10x10

"nest" 2016

wooden pallet on wheels, wire, plastic, felt, 120x80x80 cm, ca. 50x30x30

"mobile Home" 2016

holzstäbe, gehäkeltes polypropylenseil 4mm, 180x50x50 cm, ca. 70x20x20 inch.

"kleines glück", 2016

lead, velvet, semi-truck inner tube, wood, 25x20x10 cm 10x10x5

untitled, 2016

wooden sticks, space blanket, lead, cotton, filler 60x100x120 cm, ca. 24x40x50

"zarte annäherungen", 2016

semi-truck inner tube, wood, lead, 60x60x8 cm, ca. 25x25x3

"goldengate", 2016

installation, rococo ballroom of the schaetzlerpalais, steel rods, gold film, 200x200x150 cm, ca 80x80x60