helmut aichele

born in mühlacker,
lives in göppingen.

between 1980 and 2016, product developer for magazines and images on cans and tubes, parallel with work in tokyo and kyoto (japan), exchange and further development of these printing techniques.

concentrated study of drawing, collage, and poster design, parallel to professional practice.

since 2015 studies under sati zech

body: the self-contained cold body, the metallic skin, enameled, varnished, shining white, perfect, clean –the metal tin, the hob cover. i pierce the metal fiercely, punching hole after hole, i transgress and transform. something new comes to life, a second language is created. it flows into the space, expanding. the lightness of the embroidered twine brings the poetry to a head.

collage, 2015

cardboard, paper, acrylic 120x40 cm

spuren I und II, 2015

wire mesh, paper, acrylic, graphite, thread 30x40 cm

weiße flächen, 2016

paper, acrylic 74x102 cm

zwei dosen mit wollfaden, 2016

aluminum, paint, wool thread 30x30 cm

dosenobjekt mit draht, 2014

aluminum, steel wire, paint 20x25 cm

rhythmus, 2016

steel plate, paint, wool thread, quadtych 260x60 cm