felicitas hoess-knahl

born in prague.
lives and works in berlin

german and romance studies, frankfurt/main, berlin, paris

freelance editor, sfb-heute and rbb literature feature, germany, france, england, hungary, and austria
yearly participation at art academies
studies in art history

since 2014 studies under sati zech

to let the dust on your feet rise, until it turns to gold.
let the gold dust trickle, vibrating.
collect it.
my favorite book is ovid’s ‘metamorphoses.’

"i love the line, the contour, the demarcation; it makes things clearer, it is a decision. when playing hopscotch as kids, we used to hop over a porous chalk line, well aware of the consequences of stepping on it, of barely touching it: win or lose, heaven or hell. one touch meant to breach the line, it meant ‘hell.’ to us, the descent to the netherworld was that clear.”
felicitas hoess-knahl

winde gebannt-odyssee, 2008

sail canvas, rope, rubber tubing, zinc tub, steel pipe 270x160x150 cm (106"x63"x59")

winde gebannt-odyssee, detail , 2008

anfänge einer sehnsucht, 2015

wire, 104x94x53 cm (40,95"x37"x 20,9")

ohne titel . 2014

acrylic, chalk, sand on canvas, 120x80 cm (47,25" x 31,50")

landschaft gelb, 2016

acrylic on canvas, 100x80 cm (39,37" x 31,5")

eingeschlossen-odyssee, 2014

acrylic glass, violin string, wax , 102x53 x 31 cm (40,15" x 37" x 12,2")

mittelmeer , 2016

rubber tubing, pet bottles, 21 x120x92 cm (8,25" x 47,25" x 36,2")

glaube-liebe-hoffnung, detail hoffnung, 2011

flower petals, wire, plexiglas crates, 78x70x70 cm (30,7" x 27,55" x 27,55")

glaube-liebe-hoffnung, detail liebe, 2011

flower petals, wire, paper, plexiglas crates, 78x70x70 cm (30,7" x 27,55" x 27,55")

ohne titel, 2011

ink and pencil on paper, 40x60 cm (15,75" x 23,6")

weltgedächtnis , 2011

stone, graphite, acrylic, paper on canvas 230x100x70 cm (90,55" x 39,4" x 27,55")