christa nothtroff

lives in schweinfurt

since 1995 art studies in painting, drawing, under heinz altschäffel and stephan geisler
jo bukowski, wood cutting/engraving

member of the art group “essentials” under sati zech’s direction, as well as of the artists group around stephan geisler

since 2010 studies under sati zech, objects

trees come in your sleep

countless tree trunks,
the branches hopelessly entangled,
obstruct the view.
the clearing flashes.

"from source to estuary, a river changes countless times, perchance ebullient, perchance quiet, perchance torrential… once it finds its course, it stays consistent, it is always the same river; in this, it resembles life.” christa nothtroff

im schlaf kommen die bäume, 2015

100 x 140 cm, acrylic on canvas

"im schlaf kommen die bäume"

solo exhibition at the spitäle, würzburg 2015


100 x 70 x 10 cm, draht, papier, acryl



wire, wood, paper, 80x100x30 cm,

"aus der serie kafka"

thread on canvas, 100x140


120 x 240 cm

exhibition “ladies first,” (participant)

hall of the old city hall, schweinfurt